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Carnaval en Pamplona

Carnaval Pamplona

On 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th February is celebrated in Pamplona the Carnival; this year its cartel “Life in the neighborhood” is a tribute to the pretty famous film “Life of Brian”and the costumes must be inspired by the characters of the movie. Before the carnival itself, the 7th February is celebrated the day of the Boilermakers; it´s to remind the old gypsy tribes before the carnival came to town to sell their products.

The main act in the Carnival of Pamplona is the burning of the doll Mari Trapu, which takes place at the source of Navarreria. This doll represents a chief of the Franks who razed the village in the XII century and died later burned in his tower.

The program is similar every year, with lunches and dinners gangs in several clubs and bars of the old town, concerts, chestnut, chocolate and games for the little ones and of course with a lot of fun in the entire old town due to costumes


On February the 3rd held in Pamplona the feast of San Blas with a procession, Mass, blessing and sale of food; all this takes place in the San Nicolás Square and around.

The procession begins at 10 AM and after High Mass and blessing of food is celebrated.

In the area about 44 food stalls and sweets are installed from nine in the morning until nine at night.

San Blas, a contemporary of St. Nicholas was bishop of the area now known as Armenia; was beheaded on February the 3rd year 316.

The parish of San Nicolás in Pamplona had a brotherhood of San Blas which began in 1339; they developed a great cultural and charitable work highlighting a hospital designed to serve the pilgrims.

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