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Great selection of rooms and apartments in Pamplona, next to the Clinica Universidad de Navarra and the University of Navarra. Only 15 minutes walking from the old town of Pamplona.

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Apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom or 2 bathrooms

Rooms for 1 to 4 people

The best way to enjoy your experience in Pamplona, whether you come with family, with couple, with friends, for pleasure, holidays or work. All our apartments and rooms have free Wi-Fi and cleaning service

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Apartments and rooms located a few meters from Yamaguchi Park, the best option of accommodation next to the Clinica Universidad de Navarra and the University of Navarra and only 15 minutes walking from the old town of Pamplona.

Gestion de Alojamientos is the ideal choice of accommodation in Pamplona if you visit our city by health , vacation or business.


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Pincho Week in Pamplona

From the 22nd to the 31st of March in Pamplona the Pincho Week will be celebrated.


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Gestión de Alojamientos | Accommodation Pamplona

Travesia de Acella 1  - Our reception is located between Yamaguchi Park and the Clinica Universidad de Navarra.






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What our guests say:

Accommodation in Pamplona | Gestión de Alojamientos

Gestión de Alojamientos | Accommodation Pamplona

Perfect place of apartments, nice accommodation in Pamplona for stay some days

I found what I had requested with the accommodation. The apartment was large, located in an avenue with cheap bars and near the center of the city, being able to access on foot. Recommended without hesitation.

Silvia Tripadvisor

Huge and well-located Pamplona apartment

We spent a weekend in a group. At the last moment two people signed up and offered to put additional beds. Our apartment was very large and in a good location 15 minutes walk from the center of Pamplona. In the area of the accommodation there were many restaurants. The reception offered impeccable treatment.

Marian Tripadvisor

Spacious and well located apartment - Accommodation Pamplona Gestion de Alojamientos

We went to visit our family in Pamplona. Perfect location of the accommodation in Pamplona that was very well connected and 15 minutes walk from the old part of the city. The staff is professional and friendly; comfortable parking space. Improved daily cleaning.

Diego Tripadvisor

Apartment very well in general | Accommodation Pamplona

The reason for the trip was tourism. This accommodation is something different than a hotel or hostel, but I prefer it. The apartment was very well located, near the center and with good public transport connection to the city center. The apartment was one room but huge. I also had a view of the Yamaguchi Park.

I only saw one problem, or rather a suggestion. It would be very good as a detail or at a reduced price to have a pack of necessary things that are not worth buying for a few days (For example you will not buy sugar, salt, oil, vinegar, dishwasher, coffee, etc.). Is that we asked for a crib and put a large sheet folded in 4.

We carry crib sheets but if it is not very uncomfortable because the baby rolls up and covers his head with the sheet. The rest very well.

Spacious apartment and everything new

I liked everything of this accommodation in Pamplona. The location is 15 minutes walk from the center of Pamplona. The big apartment and they accepted our pet. The receptionist was very friendly and recommended what to visit. For 4.85 € / day it is easily parked in the area.

Mardol 11 Tripadvisor

Great rest stop on the Camino de Santiago

To take a break on the Camino de Santiago is a great place in Pamplona. The employees are very friendly and the room had everything necessary. Comfortable in a nice neighborhood and only 3 min. of the Camino de Santiago. The center of the city is easily accessed. Many shops, restaurants, pharmacy and supermarket in the area. Highly recommended

Regenboge Tripadvisor

Cozy and practical apartment

Yes, I enjoyed the stay in Gestion de Alojamientos. Warm welcome, nice room and no drawbacks. The old part and the parks are really close. They gave me a large list of places to visit or things to do. Easy and fast check-in and check-out. If you are there on Thursday, do not miss out on the old town, € 2 pintxo + wine, excellent! The bars that do not apply this offer offer pintxos of quality and variety. On the next occasion we will return!

Jenners17 Tripadvisor

Perfect home away from home

After a long trip from South Africa, we went to Pamplona. I found myself much more than I expected. Everything was wonderful! Location and excellent cleaning and the friendliest service of all the staff. One advantage was having free wifi recommended 100%.

Shantionthemove Tripadvisor

The best accommodation in Pamplona

Pamplona Accommodation- On the way to Burgos we stopped for two days. The apartment was fully equipped and was very comfortable and very clean. Located just 2 km from downtown. The service was very accommodating and they speak English. There is free Internet access. In the surroundings you can find many restaurants, a large park and a small shop.

Peter G Tripadvisor

Good value for money Pamplona Accommodation Gestión de Alojamientos

I stayed for a week in one of the apartments in Pamplona. It is a very good location, with everything near and around a park. Wifi in bars and restaurants. Apartment very clean and comfortable. Very reasonable prices, reception staff is very accommodating, especially in English. I recommend the apartment as it is comfortable and affordable.

Enesi Tripadvisor

Beautifully attentive staff!

We stayed on two different occasions my partner and myself. Before our walk along the Camino de Santiago, and returning ten days from Burgos. The accommodation was very comfortable and clean both times. The first was a double room and the second in a very large apartment. The beds are comfortable and there is silence in the rooms, although conveniently located on a busy street of restaurants and grocery stores. The staff was wonderful! Incredibly they allowed us to leave many of our belongings in their office (free!) While we were on the road. They also helped us solve a problem that came up with the credit card. Professionalism and genuine kindness impressed us. They tried harder than we could imagine. Without a doubt I recommend this accommodation to any visitor to Pamplona.

Coriejim Tripadvisor