New year’s eve in Pamplona


If you want to spend the last night of the year in Pamplona, you must prepare an original costume!

This tradition began in the seventies during a punctual party hosted by a radio station, and it was so successful that now it´s a tradition; in fact, it has become the main annual costume party, well above the carnival.

New year´s eve Pamplona

If we were to make a podium with celebrations of Pamplona, New Year’s Eve occupy an honorable third after San Fermín and San Fermín “chiquito”.

Not only the people of Pamplona and around enjoying this magical night; visitors also come from many places, especially from France.

Anyway you can start the New Year’s Eve afternoon running the popular San Silvestre, which changes the route this year.

It’s a race of 6 kilometers and 150 meters; it will start in Navas de Tolosa at 19 hours. After visiting various streets, runners will enter El Bosquecillo to cross the old town of Pamplona down Main Street, San Saturnino, Town Hall Square, Merchants and Chapitela, ending in the Plaza del Castillo with Sarasate.

After the race and after having a drink with friends in the old town, everybody goes home to have dinner with the family and take the traditional grapes at twelve o’clock; after the toasts and congratulations, it´s time to dress up and go party!

Fantasy, unrealized desires and news produced during the year are represented in the most striking costumes made mostly by the people of our city.

For those who don´t like the costumes, there is also the option of cotillion both companies and hotel entities and nightclubs of Pamplona.

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