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New year’s eve in Pamplona

Nochevieja Pamplona

New Year’s Eve in Pamplona

If you want to spend the last night of the year in Pamplona, prepare an original costume!

Do the people of Pamplona dress up on New Year’s Eve? You may wonder why and what is the origin of this tradition.

We explain it to you: Back in 1982, a local radio station called Paraíso organized a New Year’s Eve party called “Nochevientos en el Paraíso”. The celebration took place in the fronton Labrit, located in the Casco Viejo of Pamplona, and proposed, among other things, a costume party. The stores of accessories and costumes were overturned with the idea and the desire to dress up spread throughout the city. The idea was so successful that the people of Pamplona continued to dress up spontaneously for many years to come. In Navarra, New Year’s Eve has become the main annual costume party, well above Carnival.


Welcoming the New Year in the Pamplona style

If we had to make a podium with the celebrations of Pamplona, New Year’s Eve would occupy an honorable second place after San Fermin.

During the previous days, there are frequent queues in the fabric and costume stores in Pamplona. The people of Pamplona prepare for that second day of the year when everyone agrees to wear the same thing. The first is San Fermín, when the whole population dresses in red and white. On New Year’s Eve, although the colors are more varied, the agreement is that the entire population takes to the streets in costume. Some choose a particular costume of a character they like. Others get together with the gang and elaborate group costumes, giving rise to real theatrical scenes in the crossroads of the avenues: from groups of people that form a Titanic ship to Trojan horses with space to have a few drinks inside, stagecoaches with cowboys and Indians or life-size Parcheesi games with sheets-board included.

There are families that go out to the Casco Viejo of Pamplona to see the atmosphere and, although contests are no longer organized, as in the early years, observers make their own ranking of the most original and surprising costumes. The result of the whole thing is a colorful party in the streets of Pamplona and a most enjoyable night.


To choose from

You can start New Year’s Eve in Pamplona in a healthy way, running the popular San Silvestre.

It is a race of 6 kilometers and 150 meters; it starts in Navas de Tolosa at 19 hours. After running through different streets of the city, runners will enter the Bosquecillo to cross the old town of Pamplona through Mayor Street, San Saturnino, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Mercaderes and Chapitela, ending at the intersection of Plaza del Castillo and Sarasate. Of course, many run in costume, which makes the race quite unique.

After the race and a drink with friends in the center, it’s back home for dinner with family and/or friends and the traditional grapes at midnight; after the toast and New Year’s greetings, it’s time to dress up and go out! After the ringing of the bells, the “cuadrillas” gradually fill the Plaza del Castillo with color and good humor, the great meeting point to start the party.

The fantasy, the unfulfilled wishes and the news produced during the year are represented in the most striking costumes made mostly by the inhabitants of our city. For their part, bars and pubs offer special promotions and discounts on drinks during New Year’s Eve, giving attendees the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing evening while toasting to the new year. Not only people from Pamplona and its surroundings enjoy this magical night; visitors also come from many places, especially from France.

For those who do not like costumes, there is also the option of cotillions both in companies and in hotels and nightclubs in Pamplona. Many restaurants and hotels offer special menus and gala dinners for this occasion, including delicious dishes and selected drinks. Some places even organize parties with live music and dancing so that attendees can enjoy an unforgettable evening.

In addition to dinners, there are also public events throughout the city. One of the most outstanding places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Pamplona is the Santo Domingo Market. Here a lively party takes place with music, dancing and lots of fun. Attendees can enjoy a night full of joy surrounded by friends and loved ones.

What makes Pamplona New Year’s Eve special from other New Year’s Eve celebrations elsewhere is that it is a party for all ages, tastes and budgets. For the costume party, the main attraction, there is no entrance fee, no compulsory drink, and no need to stay all night in the same place.

As you can see, in Pamplona we know how to have fun starting the new year. If you have not yet experienced our New Year’s Eve, come to Pamplona and become for one night whoever you want to be!

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