Tour: Castle of Olite

Tour: Castle of Olite

Olite is a place that it is worth visiting for several reasons.  It will take you more or less 30 minutes to get there from Pamplona.

The Royal palace is the most famous thing that you can visit in Olite; it was constructed during the XIIIth, XIVth and XVth century. When Carlos III the Noble was the king, it was one of the most important places of the court.  It´s said that it´s a only construction due to the apparent disorder of his design, since it does not answer to the only project, but to successive works of extension and reform. It is an irregular set of towers, gardens, stays and galleries.

Many artists of different origins took charge decorating it; the French plaster-works and the Catalan paintings are some of the most important details of decoration.

There can be distinguished two enclosures , the Old Palace turned into National Inn and the New Palace.

It was declared National monument on January 17, 1925.

Besides visiting the palace, it is very interesting to walk along the streets to be able to estimate the different medieval, Renaissance and baroque houses.

The Medieval Holidays are celebrated in August; the streets fill with troubadours, puppeteers and merchants, so it is the best moment to be able to imagine how it was the city in his moment of maximum brilliance.

Another important appointment is the festival of classic theatre, with actions in the street and scenes outdoors.

You cannot leave Olite without proving the famous wines and without visiting the Center of Exhibition of the Vineyard and the Wine located in the palace of Holy Angel. You will find 3 floors, each of them dedicated to a different aspect of the wine. In the basement of the building it´s the room “the wine and the senses “; in this place you can learn about different aspects of the trying.