San Fermin Festival – Running of the bulls

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The feasts of Pamplona begin the day July 6 at 12:00 with the chupinazo, a rocket that is thrown from a balcony of the Town Hall. From that moment, in any part of the city, mainly in the old town, you can enjoy 9 days of celebration with a wide variety of activities.

One of the major attractions of this festival is the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona. The first is the day July 7 at 8:00 in the morning and after launch two rockets at the tenement in Santo Domingo, begins this exciting career. Its origin is the necessity of transferring the bulls to the square where there are going to fight in the afternoon. You can enjoy this unique spectacle at the foot of the street, behind the fencing placed in the path of confinement, renting a balcony or in the same bullring, where you can see the arrival of the youth and the bulls.

Another appointment very marked of these fiestas is the of giants and big heads, which departs every day of the festivities in the morning to make a tour that is pre-announced in newspapers and radio. The giants are four couples (king and queen) of 4 meters in height that represent the “four parts of the world” (Europe, Africa, Asia and America) are accompanied by 5 big heads and 6 kilikis. Be careful, because they love chasing children and scare them! While it is accompanied by a comparsa, often take the vermouth, because if something are famous these feasts, it is because of its abundant food and drink!

Another essential part of the fiesta is the bullfights that held each day at 18:30. What makes it unique the bullring of Pamplona, is its division into two parties, sun and shade. If you want to see the bullfights, buy entry in the shadowed part. If you want to sing, dance, dress up and have fun indeed (though a little seasonal), buy entry in the sunny side, where are the penalties.

After visiting the stalls, take a tour of the craft stalls or the various dances and concerts that are offered in the town, at the 23:00 p.m. look for a site with good view because fireworks start. It is better to get away from the old town and try to find a hole in the back of the Castle, a very large park where you can have a more complete picture of this show that really is worth the effort.

If you still have energy left, you will find atmosphere in any part of the old town to stay awake the entire night.

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