Old town of Pamplona

Old town of Pamplona

The old town of Pamplona is the heart of the city. In Pamplona you will have the opportunity to relax and stroll through the historical center of Pamplona by visiting its most interesting spots, the famous Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the Citadel, Estafeta street, Plaza del Castillo, the bullring and the Cathedral.

Plaza del Castillo

Plaza del Castillo includes the famous and old Cafe Iruña, one of the oldest in the country and place regularly visited by the famous writer Ernest Hemingway and The kiosk in the center of the plaza since 1943 from where is performed several concerts and activities.

Navarra Museum

Navarra Museum, located at the beginning of Santo Domingo street, where you start the famous running of the bulls in San Fermín. Account with a Gothic chapel and an interesting Baroque doorway. In the museum you can visit the different rooms dedicated to Prehistory, Renaissance, Baroque and nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Park de la Ciudadela

Park de la Ciudadela is a walled-in complex and a beautiful place in the inner city where it is kept in excellent shape, the old defensive system of the city. The interior houses extensive gardens and its defenses are used for art exhibitions.

Park de la Taconera

Park de la Taconera is the oldest of Pamplona, preserved in one of its inputs the original portal of the city that was inserted into the wall until the year 1915. In its interior, we can see the original design of its gardens, various species of trees of great size, and some animals in the interior gardens of the pits in the walls. Ideal if you visit Pamplona with children.