Gastronomy in Pamplona

Gastronomy in Pamplona


One of the greatest attractions of the city of Pamplona is the gastronomy, because it covers all kinds of high-quality products to elaborate the very famous pinchos of Pamplona to the most typical dishes of the Navarrese cuisine.


Stand out vegetables, such as artichokes, thistle, borage and the beans, which can be cooked in various ways. Also the peppers, asparagus and buds are indispensable in any typical menu of Pamplona. Some of the most characteristic dishes prepared from vegetables are menestra, pisto and piperade.

During the winter are very common certain vegetables such as the red kidney beans and haricot beans, the first cooked usually with a strong accompaniment, as the  birika and the second with various vegetables. Another typical product during this season is the fill, made of lamb, egg and rice.


Within the meat some of the remarkable dishes are lamb cooked, lean with tomato and the roast suckling pig, without forgetting the bone steak of Navarre.

The traditional pig slaughter lets you develop various sausages that are only found in this area, such as the chistorra and the birika, the latter, as we have pointed out before, very frequent accompaniment in the dishes made with red kidney beans.

Desserts & Sweet

Also the famous txantxigorri cake, sweet product very appreciated here, is made from lard, cinnamon, sugar and bread.

Arriving to the desserts, don’t forget the famous cheeses Navarre Roncal and Idiazábal. Other prominent dairy desserts are the torrijas and the fried milk, that can be tasted in several typical restaurants of the old town.