October. The wall race of Pamplona, Navarra Fashion Week…

Races Pamplona marathon


From 3rd to 5th October the Navarra Fashion Week 2014 will be celebrated in Pamplona, in Baluarte.

This event includes fashion show, stands, photo shoot, model contest and talks.

The main points are the New Designers’ Catwalk, the Catwalk 310 based in the best shops of the city, Model Contests and Trending Chef, a mixture of gastronomy, fashion and hairdresser.


In October the 25th the Second Wall Race of Pamplona will start in the city.

The start line and the finish line is the Baluarte Square.

In the walk are included Plaza del Castillo, Carlos III, Labrit, Bastión del Redín, Portal de Francia, Puente de la Rochapea, Parque de la Taconera, Parque Antoniutti, Fosos de la Ciudadela, Ciudadela, Vuelta del Castillo y Plaza de Baluarte.

Being celebrated at night is one of the main characteristics of this race.

This year people can choose between three different kinds of races:

  • The easiest one, the walk of 5 kilometres. In this way, everybody can participate. The price per person is 13 Euros.
  • The walk of 10.5 kilometres. In this one, there are some really difficult sections, for example the Portal de Francia. The price if you want to participate is 15 Euros.
  • The half marathon of 21 kilometres.  This race includes two turns and the price is 18 Euros.


In October from 6th to 10th the XV Cinema Festival of Pamplona will be celebrated in the city; more than 100 of audiovisual works will be projected.

This festival is divided in several sections:  Alternatif, Alternatif Internacional, Cortico y Valor Visual.

There are also two special sections remarkable: AcceFest, oriented towards people with disability and Educatif, dedicated to young students.


From 10th to 19th October in Pamplona you can have a good time with the 13th week of “cazuelica” and wine; it´s the best moment to taste the typical recipes of the area, for example ajoarriero, cordero, manitas…

The price per every “cazuelica” is 2 Euros.

All the recipes will go with the best wine of Navarra.

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