November in Pamplona


From 13th to 20th November in several places of Pamplona, Huarte and Villava the festival “Vicinity, all bodies” is being celebrated.

The main point of this festival is standing out the role of the creator and the viewer in all the performing arts.

Some of the proposals can be seen at this festival are the documentary movie “This movie,” the performance “Step by step” and various monologues and plays.

Some of the sites for the creations of this festival are the Gayarre Theatre, Civivox Iturrama Center, the Chamber Hall of the Baluarte and the Citadel.


On November the 29th in Pamplona the festivities of San Saturnino are celebrated.

He evangelized the lands of Navarra and of all persons to whom he baptized, is San Fermín.

This day on the streets of Pamplona can be found txistularis, dancers and drummers; One procession is also held by the old town.

The events to honor the patron of the city start at half past nine with the departure of the Giants and Bid-heads; the tour continues through several streets: Yanguas y Miranda, García Ximénez, Tudela, Paseo Sarasate, Comedias, Zapatería y Plaza Consistorial.


On 3rd December, the festivities of Navarra, celebrated the feast of St. Francis Xavier; this famous Navarre pioneered the evangelization of Asia.

It was decided that the day of his death, December the 3rd, the festivities were held in the community in order to remember the universal prototype of Navarre.

This day is celebrated throughout Navarra with concerts, religious and gastronomic celebrations; there are too awards given by the Autonomous Community.

Although the feast day is December the 3rd, activities and institutional events are spread over several days.

Some of the most important events are guided tours of the Palace of Navarre and Youth Festival in Anaitasuna Pavilion on December the 2nd, with the concert of Amaral, Hombres G and No Way Out.

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