Murallas’ Race, San Saturnino’s day and more


The 29th of November is the feast of San Saturnino, the pattern of Pamplona. He was a missionary who preached in France and Spain. In Pamplona, he baptized San Fermín and his parents. He was Bishop of Toulouse (France) and there he suffered martyrdom.  Acts of celebration starts at the 9: 30 in the morning with the departure of the Comparsa of Giants and Bigheads. Along the way they meet the municipal corporation and all together they pass by the Church of San Saturnino, where it starts the Holy procession. There is traditional also in the celebration of this feast the Pamplonesa’s concerts.


On October the 31st it is celebrated the third race of the city walls of Pamplona; there are three different kinds, six, ten and twenty-one kilometers

It’s a date night in different parts of the walled city in autumn, making it a unique career.

The start and finish is in Baluarte square; the races passes along the Citadel, the Vuelta del Castillo, Taconera, portal of France, El Redín by the area of the white horse and the Labrit, special and outstanding places of the city that will be provided a lighting different and special for the occasion.

There is anything new about the careers of previous years, notably the child pirates career; all the money raised will be earmarked for the UN Agency for Refugees (UNHCR).

GASTRONOMIC THURSDAYS IN PAMPLONA (October, November and December)

Eight establishments of Pamplona will develop its gastronomic offers the months of October, November and December keeping two premises: using the same base products and using too the premium wines of Great Wines (the winery Winery and Vineyards sponsors the event). Products base used are chicken, txistorra and potato; several Thursdays will be devoted to each of them.

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